Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche

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Jabugo Route

The «Jabugo Route» has been created with the aim of bringing together under the same name a whole series of activities related to the world of the Iberian Ham of Jabugo, which are the result of this tradition kept for centuries, and which today continue to mark the way of life of the Sierra de Huelva.


Sport and health

In the mountains we have an environment that invites you to practice outdoor sports, whether you want to enjoy just your favorite activity alone or if you want to do it in company or participate in any of the activities programmed by agents in the area.

Of special interest is the one related to the path, whether on foot, by bicycle, with Nordic Walking poles, on horseback, … The network of trails in the Natural Park offers a wide range of landscapes, intensities, routes, …

Although hiking is the most chosen option, active tourism companies in the area also offer the possibility of organized activities such as rappelling, canyoning, canoeing, climbing, bird watching, etc.

Trails and other activities:

Natural environment

Environment and Nature

The Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park with an area of almost 190,000 hectares. It has a rich natural heritage with extensive meadows, chestnut trees in the central area, frequent oak oak forests, gallery forests where large trees such as poplars, ash trees, willows and alders abound, along with brambles and climbing plants, etc.

This forest variety also provides a wide wealth of fauna such as vultures, kites, black storks, gray heron, otter, genet, mongoose, wildcat, polecat, deer, fallow deer, wild boar, …

The best way to enjoy this unique space is by walking its trails, either on foot, practicing Nordic walking, by bicycle, or even on horseback, arranging a route with specialized equestrian companies in the area.

What to visit?


There is a large number of historical heritage and points of interest distributed throughout the towns of the Sierra de Huelva, among them the “Gruta de las Maravillas” and the Castle of the 13th century in Aracena, the Medieval Castle of Cortegana, the Mosque of Almonaster la Real and the rock of Arias Montano and the Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Alajar. This is just a small selection, of all the places that you can find scattered around the mountains, there are many more that you can get to know through our publications.

Additionally and close to the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, we also find other places of interest such as the Castillo de las Guardas natural reserve 20 km away. (SAFARI), the Hanging Houses and swamp in Zufre and the Mining Museum and tourist train in Minas de Riotinto.

Places of interest:

Natural products


Another of the attractions of the environment in which the Finca La Media Legua Rural Hotel is located is its rich gastronomy, highlighting as a star product the Iberian Acorn-fed Ham or Jabugo Ham and in addition to tasting it, you can visit one of the industry dedicated to this delicacy such as for example the Bodejas 5J de Jabugo or Jamones Eiriz that offer visits to the drying room and the pasture.

Also of special interest for tasting are game meats, sausages and cold meats, goat cheese, mushrooms, chestnuts …

Throughout the year several fairs related to these typical products are held: Aracena Ham Fair, Mycological Days, Artisan and Cheese Fair, …

And for those with a sweet tooth, artisan cakes «Rufino» or «Gran Vía»

Finally, with more than a century of tradition, on “Holy Tuesday” (1870) you will be able to taste and visit a distillery that preserves the artisanal process of distillation in copper stills fed by oak wood, with its traditional spirits and cherry liqueur , to which new products are added every day such as chestnut liqueurs, herbs, gin cream, vodka, whiskey, rum …

Festivities and Events

Popular festivals and crafts

Crafts are closely linked to the daily life of the park. It is a craft associated with agricultural and livestock activities, from which authentic works of art have been shaped.

Activities such as wood carving (an eminently pastoral activity in its origins) highlighting the carpentry of Galaroza, or pottery with Arab roots from towns such as Cortegana and its marbling of natural “slips”, leather work in the artisans’ colony of La village of «El Calabacino» or the forges from which artistic pieces for construction and Roman pieces for the weight of merchandise continue to emerge in Cortegana.

With regard to the popular festivals, throughout the year all kinds of events of deep-rooted tradition take place in the different towns of the Natural Park, starting in January with the living nativity scenes and cavalcades of the Magi, highlighting the parade of Higuera de la Sierra. , Rehiletes (chestnut season), carnivals, May crosses such as those of Almonaster, Corpus Christi de Cumbres Mayores, pilgrimages, highlighting the pilgrimage in honor of the Queen of the Angels in the Peña de Arias Montano, Islamic Days of Almonaster, Jornadas Medieval in Cortegana, Ham, Cheese, Handicraft Fairs …

Festivities and events

Starlight destination

Astronomical observation

The Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park has recently received the certification as a Starlight Reserve and Destination, granted by the Starlight Foundation and endorsed by UNESCO, which proves that there is hardly any light pollution, more than 60% of the nights are clear and the darkness of the night sky equates to that of many professional observatories internationally.

From the Rural Hotel Finca La Media Legua, which is also in the countryside, you will be able to contemplate the indescribable brightness of the stars in the sky.

In addition, the area has strategically located and equipped viewpoints, as well as programmed activities for astronomy lovers.

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